To the best teacher you will ever have - the one singing and dancing in your heart.



BREATH is life.
From the first breath of a newborn
to the last breath of someone who is passing away.
Your BREATH brings you into the power of now.


It keeps you alive and is in constant exchange with your surroundings. Your breath heals you from within and can release unresolved emotions as well as redefine your mental conditioning. With the support of various breathing techniques, you can live your life journey more awake, present, and joyful.

The focus of my work is based on the technique of conscious connected breathing, also known as Rebirhting. Once you work with your breath subconscious emotions can emerge. Therefore, the experience during the session can be intense at times. If you are currently receiving therapeutic or medical care, please speak to your doctor or therapist in advance.


  1. Individual Online Breathwork Journey (60 Minutes)

2. Individual Rebirthing Live Session (2,5 Hours)



​Our physical bodies are as diverse as they can be and thats what I love about the yoga tradition. There is no wrong or right, we are practicing to explore and feel ourselves.

My personal approach is to enjoy and play with each asana, our breath, and our mind. Becoming fully present and discovering your own body intelligence. There is an immense potential and healing power in each of us, it’s just waiting for you to be discovered.

Would you like to develop a yoga practice tailored to your needs?

With an individual one-on-one session, we have the opportunity to focus on the anatomically healthy alignment of the asanas, laugh, relax, and respond to your questions and ideas.


  1. One-on-session (60 Minutes)

2. Group classes



Feel. Surrender. Love.

A powerful Vipassana-Metta practice.

There are many different types of meditation, some of them might work better for you than others. The key is to get started with a playful curiosity.

In my personal life I am working with a powerful Vipassana-Metta practice, which is based on Buddha's teachings. It allows you to gently explore your current feelings, releasing old stuck emotions and mental patterns, by deepening your awareness and acceptance through meditative and intuitive practices.

In addition, it will also help you to enjoy pleasant feelings more and to deepen your inner peace and joy.

This technique is based on a more intensive individual session, which is prepared by different breathing techniques and ends with a relaxation.

A short excerpt can be found among the teachings of Nishan Disanayake.